1. Notwithstanding any other provision in the Contract, Workline Safety Ltd may at its option allow the Purchaser to return the goods at their own expense upon the following conditions:

2. That the relevant goods are non-faulty;

3. That the goods are ordinarily held in stock at Workline Safety's Ltd 's location

4. That the Purchaser notifies Workline Safety Ltd within 10 days of delivery of their intention to return the goods

5. That the goods are returned toWorkline Safety Ltd within 15 days of delivery

6. Highline Workwear Ltd and the Purchaser shall agree whether the goods shall be delivered by the Purchaser toWorkline Safety Ltd or collected from the Purchaser

7. That the goods are undamaged, in original packaging, with all trademarks or other labelling intact and fully suitable for re-sale

8. The Purchaser agrees to pay Highline Workwear Ltd a 15% handling fee against the return of non-faulty standard goods.

9. Notwithstanding any other provision in the Contract,Workline Safety Ltd may from time to time at its sole option accept the return of non standard, non faulty goods upon separate rates, terms and conditions, to be agreed with the Purchaser in advance of any such return. Non standard goods are those which are not ordinarily held in stock at Highline Workwear Ltd's Warehouse.